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Before the emergence of T20 cricket, One Day International was the sensation. A cricket game which ends within nine hours was the buzz. The introduction of World Cup fuelled the growth and took the game itself to new heights.


Melbourne Cricket Ground hosted the first ODI on 5th January, 1971, umpires decided to abandon the third Test and play a game consisting of 40 eight-ball overs per side, England were the visitors. There are specific starting points for ODI, games of similar nature were played in the late 1970s.


White ball and coloured kits became the norm in 2001. Sponsorships and TV rights combined with the effects of globalization brought in the necessary funds for the gentleman's game. Limited overs led to increased risk-taking and aggressive play. In course of time, players learnt the effective pace to score runs. Powerplays nudged further developments of this approach. Currently, for the first 10 overs of an innings, only two players are allowed out of the 30-yard circle. A maximum of four fielders are allowed outside the 30 yards circle from overs 11 to 40 of the innings. The final ten overs provide a chance for the fielding side to restrict the batting side. Five fielders are allowed outside the 30 yards circle in these overs.

An era

From the 1990s till the flourishment of T20, a whole line of players who specialized in the format delivered a feast to the millennials. Unprecedented number of runs were scored, wickets fell in unfathomable ways and dramatic endings were becoming less seldom. South Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh entered into the hard to survive competition set by the frontrunners. Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and West Indies were performing at the highest level.

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