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In half of India, IPL is T20 and T20 is IPL. There are no further definitions according to them. A Twenty20 game is played between two sides, each consisting of eleven players. Each side plays an innings of 20 overs. The team to beat the target or to restrict the other team within the target wins. If two sides score the same runs, the game will head into a super-over.

Origin story

International T20's were an English invention like the Gentleman's game itself. Reduction of home crowd in ODI and Test matches pushed the British TV network to analyse the problem. Stuart Robinson overlooked the research and concluded that cricket's inaccessibility and the posh nature of the game was to blame. The long hours it takes to finish is an obvious one. T20 was born, in 2003, England tested the format and New Zealand followed suit in 2005. Yet, the T20 format wasn't taken seriously at all. People got drunk during the game.


In 2007, the T20 World Cup was played. India, a cricket fanatic nation, clinched the title with its youth team. And that would change the course of the shorter format. Brainchild of India, IPL, was formed in 2008. Soon the league gained nation-wide recognition. People, who weren't fans, started watching the game for the sake of their favourite stars and inter-state rivalries. Bollywood, cheerleaders, sponsorships, international accolades and money mixed to form one hell of a cricket cocktail.

Current reality

As of now, the numbers of ODI and Test games are dwindling while T20’s are on the rise. The Aussies won the 2021 T20 World Cup against their trans-Tasmanian neighbours New Zealand. Cricket is currently the second-most followed sports in terms of numbers after football.

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